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  • Leading Ultrasonic Spray Technologies
    in Nanomaterials Industry
    High uniform nano thin films & fine powders are
    manufactured by ultrasonic spray coating & pyrolysis technologies.
  • Over 30 Years Experience of Ultrasonic
    Technologies in Medical Applications
    Drug stent & balloon catheter coating system, precision coatings
    on medical devices, sample dispersion, HIFU transducers, air bubble detectors...
  • We Provide Precision Coating Solutions
    for Green Energy Industries
    Our coating systems are widely used for manufacturing of fuel cell electrodes,
    thin film solar cell, solar panel glass, etc..
  • Ultrasonic Technologies are used for
    Electronics & Semiconductors Manufacturing
    We provide precision ultrasonic spray coating system & megasonic cleaning
    system for production of semiconductors & electronics.
Proton Exchange Mebrance Full Cell Coating, Anti-reflection coating,Thin Film Solar Cell Coating,Solar Panel Coatings


The ultrasonic spray coating technology is widely used in thin film solar cell, solar panel glass, PEM fuel cell, etc. It can provide a uniform and high efficient thin film for the solar cell and fuel cell.

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Stent Spray Coating System, Balloon Catheter Coating System, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Transducer


Ultrasonic atomization technology and piezoelectric technology are widely used in many medical devices and equipments: implantable medical devices, IVD, HIFU medical equipments, infusion and dialysis equipments etc.

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Photoresist Coating System,Megasonic Cleaning Nozzle System,Sensor Functional Layer Coating Manufacturing, Sensor Coating Manufacturing


Siansonic advanced ultrasonic spray coating and megasonic cleaning systems provide high performance solutions for electronics manufacturing such as semiconductor, PCB fluxing, sensors, display etc..

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Anti-reflection coating,Solar Panel Coatings, Anti-Corrosion Coatings,TCO Coatings


Siansonic advanced ultrasonic spray coating systems provide high performance solutions for glass coatings manufacturing such as anti-reflection, photoresist, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, TCO, etc..

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Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis, Nano Thin Film Coatings, Ultrasonic Spray Drying,Ultrasonic Spray Coating


Ultrasonic atomization technology, especially nozzle technolgy plays a large role on manufacturing of nanomaterials such as nano thin films, nano powders, nano wires, etc.

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Ultrasonic Spray Coating, Nano Thin Film Coatings, Nano coatings manufacturing


Ultrasonic atomization technology and piezoelectric technology from Siansonic are widely used in manufacturing applications, such as electronics, glass, textile, non-woven fabrics etc.

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