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Ultrasonic Spray Coating System

Ultrasonic spray coating system including ultrasonic spray nozzle, liquid delivery, gas regulator, XYZ motion system, heating plate, etc. It is widely used for thin film solar cell, fuel cell, glass coating, stent coating, balloon catheter coating,

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Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle

Ultrasonic spray nozzle which uses advanced ultrasonic atomization technology is widely used for precision spray coating, spray drying, spray pyrolysis applications.

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Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis system is used for fine powder (nano particles) manufacturing, including ultrasonic spray nozzle, ultrasonic nebulizer, liquid delivery, gas regulator, gas flow meter, nano particle collector, tube furnace, etc.

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Piezo Ceramic & Ultrasonic Transducers

nickel electrode and titanium alloys electrode technologies are used for the piezoelectric ceramics to obtain much higher stable performance than conventional piezoelectric ceramics with silver electrode.

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Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detector

The non-invasive ultrasonic detection of air bubbles in fluid-filled tube is widely employed in many fields of medical, science and industry.

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Megasonic Cleaning

Using higher ultrasonic frequency energy with accelerrated water molecules,submicron level cleaning is possible, without damaging sensitive microelectronic and seminconductor device.

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