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We provide solutions to the preparation of functional coatings for various fields of electronics such as photoresist coatings, conductive coatings, hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, flux and conformal coatings, and offer semiconductor wafer megasonic cleaning technology to fill the gap in domestic technology.

Photoresist Coating System, Semiconductor Wafers Thin Film Layer Coatings, MEMS wafers Coatings


Siansonic provides photoresist coating solutions for semiconductor wafer by using advanced ultrasonic spray coating technology, which has the advantages of high uniformity, better microstructure wrapping and coating for any area compared with conventional technologies such as spin coating and dip coating. The ultrasonic spray coating system of Siansonic can control the spraying flow, coating speed and loading amount excellently.

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Solder Fluxing Coatings, Wave Solder Fluxing Coatings, Ultrasonic Spray Coating System

PCB Fluxing

The advanced ultrasonic spray coating technology of Siansonic is used in the solder fluxing coatings for circuit board, which has the edges of higher uniformity, precision, reducing raw material waste compared with conventional two-fluid spray coating method, thus VOCs emissions can be reduced and the system maintenance cost is lower.

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Semiconductors Wafer Cleaning,Megasonic Cleaning Nozzle System, High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning

Semiconductors Cleaning

The precision cleaning method for semiconductor wafer is megasonic cleaning, a technology that has been controlled by developed countries such as the United States and Japan. After years of research and development, Siansonic has successfully developed megasonic cleaning technology with a maximum of 3000 kHz.

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Sensor Coating Manufacturing, Sensor Functional Layer Coating Manufacturing,Ultrasonic Spray Coating


Siansonic’s ultrasonic spray coating system provides preparation of various high-precision and high-uniformity functional films such as polymers, conductive layers, catalysts, dyes, etc. It could be applied to various sensors and microelectronic circuits such as biosensors, microfluidic chips, temperature sensors, gas sensors, pressure sensors, etc.

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