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Nanotechnology and nanomaterials are regarded as one of the most important technologies in the 21st century. Ultrasonic atomization and dispersion technologies play an increasingly important role in the production and preparation of nanomaterials such as nano-powder, carbon nano tubes, polymer fibers and nano-films.

Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis, Nanoparticles Production, Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Deposition

Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

The solution can be uniformly atomized into micron or even nano-scale liquid particles by ultrasonic atomization technology, and the atomized liquid is delivered to the high-temperature reactor for pyrolysis reaction through the carrier gas. Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis can prepare powder particles that are more uniform and finer than conventional pyrolysis. Siansonic can provide customers with solutions to various ultrasonic spray pyrolysis systems.

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Ultrasonic Spray Coating ,Nano Thin Film Coatings,Nano coatings manufacturing

Nano Thin Film

Nano and sub-micron film functional coatings such as hydrophobic, transparent, catalytic, anti-bacterial, anti-reflection, light blocking, etc. are widely applied in various industries such as microelectronics, biomedicine, glass, textiles, new energy, etc. Siansonic’s ultrasonic spray coating system can provide large-scale preparation and production of nano-films under normal temperature and pressure.

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Ultrasonic Spray Drying,Ultrasonic Spray dryer, Ultrasonic Spray Coating

Ultrasonic Spray Drying

By ultrasonic atomization technology, the suspension can be uniformly atomized into micron or even nano-scale liquid particles, and the atomized liquid is delivered to the drying furnace for drying through the carrier gas. Ultrasonic spray drying can prepare more uniform and finer powder particles than conventional spray drying (centrifugal spray or two-fluid spray). Ultrasonic spray drying possesses a great prospect in the application in fields such as nano materials, fine chemicals, biomedicine and etc.

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