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Megasonic Cleaning Nozzle

High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning (Megasonic Cleaning) in the frequency range of megahertz (MHz) is regarded as the key method for the cleaning of semiconductor wafer. The ultra-high frequency ultrasonic cleaning at 900kHz-3000kHz can achieve the ultra-high cleaning precision of below 200nm. At the same time, the cavitation effect of high-frequency ultrasonic waves is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the wafer surface. Compared with the traditional ultrasonic cleaning of 28kHz, 48kHz, 68kHz, etc., the megasonic cleaning is more suitable for the cleaning industry requiring higher cleanliness, and is widely used for the cleaning of semiconductor silicon slices, high-definition lenses, display screens and etc.

Megasonic cleaning is usually divided into spray megasonic cleaning and trough megasonic cleaning. The spray megasonic cleaning transmits the high-frequency ultrasonic waves through the water flow via the high-frequency ultrasonic transducer, and the object is cleaned by the water flow with high-frequency ultrasonic waves. Spray megasonic cleaning has higher cleaning efficiency than traditional trough cleaning, and the secondary pollution caused by cleaning water residues can be avoided. The trough megasonic cleaning is similar to the traditional ultrasonic cleaning.  A high frequency ultrasonic field is formed in the cleaning tank by the  high frequency megasonic cleaning vibrators at the bottom of the cleaning tank. The advantage of the trough megasonic cleaning is that multiple wafers can be simultaneously cleaned, and this method is more suitable for batch cleaning.


  • Cleaning of liquid crystal displays(LCDs),

  • Flat paneldisplays(FPDs),sillicon(or GaAs,sapphire,etc.) 

  • Wafers(post-CMP,prediffusion,etc.),

  • Photomasks,

  • Reticules and numerous other applications where submicron particle removal is required.

  • There is no worry of the re-adhesion of dirt in the liquid to always to supply a cleancleaning solution.

  • Minute dirt is instaneously removed for the high frequency oscillation.

  • It is possible to wash it at ease by the output adjustment even by the one like the magnetic head that cracks easily.




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