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Ultrasonic Spray Drying Nozzle

Ultrasonic spray drying nozzle is a specific ultrasonic nozzle for ultra-fine powder production. The ultrasonic spray drying nozzle adopts the principle of ultrasonic atomizing technology. It can uniformly atomize the precursor solution or suspension and spray it into the drying tower for spray drying to produce the ultrafine powder, thus it is the key atomizing device in the spray drying system. The ultrasonic spray drying nozzle has a special interface design to interface with various existing spray dryers. In addition, the nozzle is also equipped with a forced cooling design to accommodate higher environment temperature, while the embedded temperature sensor can monitor the operating temperature of ultrasonic nozzle in real time. Ultrasonic spray drying nozzles can be used in R&D, pilot and industrial grade spray drying and spray granulation systems to produce ultrafine powders. Siansonic can provide customized ultrasonic spray drying equipment according to customers' requirements, and can be applied to existing spray drying system or spray granulation equipment.


  • Powder particles obtained are more uniform

  • Finer atomized particles 

  • It can be atomized without aeration, and can control the carrier gas flow during spray pyrolysis process

  • Non-clogging




  • Nanomaterial: Spray Drying 

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