Benchtop Balloon Catheter Coating System

  • Tabletop balloon catheter coating system for drug eluted balloon and peripheral stent

  • Precisely control of deposition by ultrasonic nozzle technology

  • Patented holder system for multiple balloons spray coating 

  • The drug coating is free of adhesion, pinholes and other defects

  • Excellent uniformity, stability and consistency

  • High corrosion resistance, compatible with various organic solvents

benchtop balloon coating system internal structure of balloon coating system  peripheral stent ultrasonic nozzle balloon coating

Bentchtop balloon catheter coating system is a compressed ultrasonic coating system specially used for depoisting of drug layer on balloon catheters or peripheral stents. Compared with the standard balloon catheter coating system, the size is smaller and can be placed on the bench. It is suitable for customers with limited space or initial research and development.It is equipped with Siansonic FocusMist or NanoMist ultrasonic nozzle to deposit drug coating onto the balloon catheter or stent surface through ultrasonic atomization technology. It can precisely control the balloon catheter coating process, and the coating layer is uniform without adhesion, pinholes, orange peel and other defects. Equipped with unique balloon catheter and peripheral stent holders, it can be used for various drug eluted balloon catheters such as coronary balloon, peripheral balloon and also peripheral stents. 

Siansonic FocusMist ultrasonic nozzle which has small spray width and low flow rate is very suitable for coating process on balloon catheter. For the drug eluted coronary balloon, peripheral balloon and other balloons, the drug such as paclitaxel is usually dissolved in organic solvent or water based solvent to prepare a drug solution. After the solution atomized by the ultrasonic nozzle, it uniformly deposits onto the balloon surface to form a uniform drug coating without defects such as adhesion, pinholes and bubbles. The balloon catheter coating system has unique balloon catheter holders which can realize rapid loading and unloading of balloon catheters, and can support the balloon catheter with up to 2 meters in length. At the same time, it can also be equipped with optional peripheral stent holder to deal with peripheral stents with different specifications.

Siansonic also provides patented balloon catheter coating system for multiple balloon catheters or peripheral stents. The patented holder system can realize the rapid loading and unloading of multiple balloon catheters, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Furthermore, the specific balloon catheter coating laboratory in our site provide the process testing services for customers at any time, which can help customers to improve and establish process criteria. Our engineers and technicians in laboratory have plentiful experience in coating different types of balloon catheters and stents.

Features of Siansonic ultrasonic balloon catheter coating system:

  • Balloon catheter coating system for drug eluted balloon catheter and peripheral stent: integrated ultrasonic nozzle, ultrasonic control, liquid delivery, balloon holder and motion systems.

  • High uniform coating layer: drug coating without adhesion, pinholes, orange peel and other defects

  • Siansonic NanoMist or FocusMist ultrasonic nozzle: capable of extremely low flow rate, and the spray width is 1mm-10mm, suitable for various of balloon catheters and peripheral stents

  • Precisely control of the dosage of drug coating on balloons and stents 

  • Unique balloon catheter holders: the balloon with entire catheter can be easily loaded and unloaded. 

  • Specific balloon catheter coating system for blowing the balloon

  • Ability to update with multiple nozzles and patented holder system to achieve  coating process for multiple balloons and greatly improve production efficiency.

  • Maximum length of applicable balloon catheter: 280mm.

  • Optional holders for peripheral stents: generally, length < 280mm, diameter < 60mm

  • Built-in humidification system: Based on Siansonic submicron aerosol generation technology, it can rapidly increase the humidity in the coating chamber and assist the drug crystallization.

  • Full digital ultrasonic controller: multi-core high-speed DSPs, multi closed-loop control, control accuracy of ultrasonic power is 0.01W.

  • Self-cleaning ultrasonic nozzle to prevent nozzle clogging

  • The balloon catheter coating system is suitable for various typical solvents and polymers, such as acetone, tetrahydrofuran (THF), DMAC, chloroform, toluene, etc; Polymer: polyurethane, polycarbonate, silicone, styrene, etc

  • Exhaust system interface: built-in exhaust fan and ready for connecting to the exhaust system of the laboratory or clean room

  • Full color touch screen and friendly user interface

  • NanoMist ultrasonic nozzle: suitable for spray width < 2mm

  • FocusMist ultrasonic nozzle: suitable for spray width > 5mm

  • Multi-balloons or stents coating system with multi-nozzles and holders system 

  • Customized mandrel and holder for various specifications of peripheral stents

  • Unique submicron aerosol humidification system to assist drug crystallization

  • Gas flow controller: precisely control of carrier gas flow rate

  • Ultrasonic dispersion syringe for dispersing, stirring the drug suspensions 

Applicable types of stents and balloon catheter

  • Coronary balloon

  • Peripheral balloon

  • emi-finished balloon

  • Peripheral stent

  • Sinus stent

  • Bare metal stent

  • Biodegradable stent

  • Stent Grafts

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