Focus Piezo Ceramics in the Field of Focusing Ultrasound

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Focus piezo ceramic are, as the name implies, a spherical crown shaped focus piezo ceramic element. The main difference is that it is a concave surface with a certain curvature, so that the emitted ultrasonic waves are concentrated at one point. It is mainly used for the production of high intensity focusing ultrasonic transducers (HIFU transducer).

the acoustical field difference between hifu transducer and non-focus transdcuer

Figure 1. The acoustical field difference between HIFU Transducer (Focus piezo ceramic) and Non-Focus Transdcuer 

Focusing transducers made from focusing spherical crown piezoelectric ceramics are called self-focusing ultrasonic transducers. It concentrates the ultrasonic waves into a fine beam and increases the sound intensity significantly at the focal point. By adjusting the radius of curvature of the piezoelectric ceramics, we can obtain a focusing transducer with different sound intensity and focal length to achieve a specific point of ultrasound treatment.

piezoelectric focus bowls and hifu transducer

Figure 2. The Focus piezo  ceramic and HIFU transducer produced by Siansonic Technology

Focus piezo ceramic  is widely used in the medical industry due to its excellent tissue penetration, localization and energy storage properties. The thermal, mechanical and cavitation effects of ultrasound can be used to affect diseased tissues with the ultimate goal of denaturing the tissue and promoting tissue reconstruction and microcirculation for therapeutic purposes. Ultrasound is a non-invasive treatment technique because the energy in the out-of-focus area is low and does not cause any harm to normal tissues and does not require surgical incision or destruction of surface tissues. In addition, focusing ultrasound is also widely used in the familiar fat burning, facelift and other medical beauty industry, which is a good assistant for women to become beautiful.

Siansonic Technology’s research in the field of piezoelectric technology began in 1986. It has been providing piezoelectric technology-based products and comprehensive solutions to our customers with its professional technology and excellent service. The company can provide or customize focus piezo ceramic in different sizes and curvatures, in addition to different ceramic materials and a variety of electrode forms for customers to choose from.





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