The Role of Focused Ultrasound in the Field of Tumor Treatment

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The "High Intensity Focused Ultrasound tumor treatment system" is an emerging non-invasive technology for tumor treatment. It plays an increasingly important role in tumor treatment with its unique advantages such as non-invasive, non-anesthesia, cooperating with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, assisting surgery and improving human immunity. Its treatment source is ultrasound, which is a kind of mechanical wave with frequency higher than 20KHz audible sound wave range. Ultrasound itself has energy, so it can substantially increase the sound intensity at specific points by focusing the sound field, thus realizing ultrasound treatment at specific points.

principle of  tumor treatment used by focused ultrasound

Figure 1. The principle of  Tumor Treatment used by Focused Ultrasound

The ultrasound frequencies used for focused ultrasound treatment are typically between 0.2 and 5 MHz. High intensity ultrasound frequencies are focused on the tumor site in the body, creating a high energy density focal domain. The local tissues can instantly reach a high temperature of 65-100℃. Accompanied by the mechanical effect of ultrasound, cavitation effect and other physical effects, this can cause instant coagulative necrosis of the lesion tissue. While the surrounding tissues are not obviously damaged, the coagulated necrotic tissues can also be gradually absorbed or scarified, thus achieving the purpose of tumor treatment.

focused transducer

Figure 2.The HIFU transducers produced by Siansonic Technology

Siansonic Technology has nearly 40 years of industry experience in the field of medical piezoelectric ceramics and HIFU transducers, and is committed to helping the future with ultrasound technology. We offer a wide range of HIFU transducer, focused ultrasound transducer, HIFU piezoelectric transducer and solutions for medical device and medical diagnostic companies in the fields of tumor therapy, neuromodulation, thrombus ablation, tissue fragmentation, and ultrasonic cell lysis. Siansonic offers a wide range of HIFU transducers that can be custom designed for different frequencies, sizes, intensities, and focal domains. The ultrasound frequency range of HIFU transducers can cover 200KHz-10MHz, and HIFU piezoelectric transducer size are from 2mm to over 100mm. Siansonic's focused ultrasound transducers have excellent durability and can operate continuously for over 3000 hours at a power density of 10W/cm². In addition, the HIFU transducer is encapsulated in a watertight package, allowing complete access to liquids. Besides, a variety of matching layer corrosion protection options could be chosen for HIFU transducer to handle different liquid environments and meet the varis request from the end user.





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