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The ultrasonic spray coating technology is widely used in CCM membrane electrode of the proton exchange membrane fuel cells,thin film solar cell, solar panel glass, PEM fuel cell, etc. It can provide a uniform and high efficient thin film for the solar cell and fuel cell.

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Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Ultrasonic spray coating technology is the key process of fuel cell coating manufacturing. The proton exchange membrane could be sprayed evenly with the catalyst by ultrasonic spray coating system and form the CCM membrane electrode. Siansonic Technology provides the fuel cell membrane electrode preparation solutions from the research, pre-production test to scale production.

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Thin Film Solar Cell Coating, Solar Cell Anti-reflection layers coating, Perovskite Solar Cell

Thin Film Solar Coatings

Perovskite, dye sensitized and organic thin-film solar cell prepared by ultrasonic spray technology has become the hot direction of scientific research and production. Siansonic Technology provides the research and production grade of ultrasonic spray coating technology, including the solar cell anti-reflection layers coating, deposition treatment of TCO, transparent conductive thin films, perovskite coating,self-cleaning coatings and a variety of functional coating.

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Anti-reflection Coating, Solar Glass Coatings,Glass Thin Film Coating

Silicon Solar Cell Coatings

Ultrasonic spray technology can make the even, compact nanometer and submicron thin films in constant temperature and pressure. It can achieves 85% utilization of raw materials, thus the large-scale industrialization of nanometer thin film becomes possible. Siansonic Technology’s ultrasonic spray coating system can high efficiently spray AR anti-reflection thin film, hydrophilic and hydrophobic self-cleaning thin film and other nanometer functional thin films on solar panel glass.

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