Uniform Catalyst Coating Solutions for Production of Fuel Cell CCM, MEA and GDL

Siansonic fuel cell ultrasonic coating systems are very suitable for these novel applications by producing highly uniform, repeatable, and durable coatings. From R&D to large scale production, our ultrasonic nozzle technology gives better control of coating performance, significant enhancement in transfer efficiency of raw materials, and reduced maintenance.

Siansonic ultrasonic spray technology produces highly uniform, durable, carbon-based catalyst coatings onto both fuel cell coatings and electrolysis processes for proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers such as Nafion, without deformation of the membrane. For example, catalyst suspensions containing nano carbon ink, PTFE binder, platinum and other precious metals can be uniformly deposited on Nafion membrane by ultrasonic coating system. Therefore, Siansonic ultrasonic nozzle technology is widely recognized as the key process of producing MEA for PEMFC. Siansonic ultrasonic spray coating systems can spray various metal alloys, including platinum nickel, Iridium and ruthenium for the manufacturing PEM fuel cells, polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzer, DMFCs (Direct Methanol Fuel Cells) and SOFCs (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells). The Fuel cells manufactured by this technology has the characteristics of high cell load and high cell efficiency.

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Figure 1. Fuel Cell CCM by Ultrasonic Spray Coating

Ultrasonic nozzles can provide well controlled droplet sizes from ultra-low flow to high flow rates in production scale as well as non-clogging catalyst suspensions. Furthermore, Siansonic ultrasonic nozzles are also suitable for spraying polymer solutions such as PTFE binder onto GDLs such as carbon papers to enhance hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties in electrolyzing processes.

From R&D PEMFC Coating to large scale production, Siansonic provides various models of ultrasonic coating systems including benchtop ultrasonic coating systems UC320, UC330, UC340, industrial ultrasonic coating system UC360c and UC360L with multi-nozzle units and automatic vacuum heating plate for membranes. The ultrasonic coating system with 4 ultrasonic nozzle unit can provide coating rate in 0.8 square meters per hour which is equal to the annual output of 120,000 pieces of CCM (around 250cm²/piece). Unique vacuum heating system keeps the proton exchange membrane to be well fixed and extended, prevents the membrane from swelling in the coating process. Ultrasonication liquid delivery system can continuously disperse and feed the catalyst suspensions in 24/7.

Ultrasonic nozzle benefits for spraying fuel cell catalyst suspensions:

  • As high as 90% catalyst utilization proven in MEA fabrication.

  • Porous coatings are quite durable, preventing cracking or peeling of catalyst layer.

  • Catalyst coating with up to 50% reduction in raw material consumption with reduced overspray and splashing

  • Precise spray patterns are easily shaped for a variety of applications.

  • Highly controllable spray provides greater repeatability.

  • Non-clogging ultrasonic spray nozzle

  • Ultra-low flow rate capabilities, intermittent or continuous.

  • Ultrasonic vibrations continuously disperse the particles to avoid agglomerating.

  • Very small minimum liquid volume required for coating of PEMs (only 5ml of catalyst suspensions required to coat multiple  PEMs). Optimal for R&D scale.

  • Excellent adhesion of catalyst coatings; ideal for electrolysis applications and high vibration fuel cell applications such as automotive parts.

Siansonic ultrasonic nozzles prevent the particles in suspensions from agglomerating due to continuous ultra-sonication energy in the nozzle. Catalyst particles with well dispersed by using ultrasonic spray technology results in better electrochemical performance as well as higher repeatability of functional layers. 

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