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Siansonic’s ultrasonic spray coating technology and megasonic cleaning technology are widely used in the fields of industrial manufacturing such as textiles, non-woven fabrics, metal sheets, food processing, ultra-fine powder, circuit boards and semiconductors

Super Hydrophobic Textile Coating, Non-woven Fabrics Coating,Textile Coating

Textile & Non-woven

Siansonic’s ultrasonic spray coating system is applied to the functional coating and surface treatment of non-woven fabrics, including flame-retardant coating, waterproof and oil-repellent coating, antibacterial coating, self-cleaning coating and etc. The nano-dispersion or solution is evenly sprayed on the non-woven fabric to form a uniform film coating, which is used in various fields such as health care, construction, automobile, industrial manufacturing, and etc.

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Photoresist Coating System,Megasonic Cleaning Nozzle System,Sensor Functional Layer Coating Manufact


Ultrasonic spray coating technology is regarded as an effective preparation technology for film coatings, for example, in terms of the photoresist coating on the circular surface of semiconductor, ultrasonic spray coating can produce more uniform photoresist coating with better surface wrapping of microstructure compared with the conventional spin coating. Siansonic’s ultrasonic precision spray coating system provides surface coating solutions for semiconductor photoresist coating, PCB flux spraying, and functional coating of microelectronic sensors.

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Anti-reflection coating,Solar Panel Coatings, Anti-Corrosion Coatings,TCO Coatings


Ultrasonic spray coating is regarded as a new technology with high-efficiency and low-cost for preparing glass coating, which can produce more uniform and smoother film coatings compared with the conventional roller coating, dip coating, and two-fluid spray coating. Compared with vacuum coating technologies such as vacuum evaporation and CVD, ultrasonic spray coating is significantly cost-effective.

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