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Stent Coating System

Drug eluting stent coating system is a specific coating system for production of drug layers on drug eluting stents. By employing Nanomist ultrasonic nozzle or Focusmist ultrasonic nozzle, it is able to precisely make drug depositions typically like rapamycin or other drug coating materials onto the stent surface to form a homogeneous drug coating without defects such as adhesions, pinholes, orange peels etc. Ultrasonic stent coating is a thin film coating technique based on ultrasonic atomizing nozzle technology. Ultrasonic stent spray coating can provide higher homogenous, thinner coatings and higher precision than the conventional air spray coating. Furthermore, the stent coating system also employs specific fixtures to hold and unload various stents easily and stably. Siansonic drug eluting stent coating system can process for a variety of stents coated such as coronary stents, peripheral stents and intracranial stents.


  • Ultrasonic spray nozzle, precision liquid delivery.

  • Uniformity: <5%

  • Transfer efficiency of material: >95% (4-5 times higher than pressure spray)

  • Special stent holder design for easy and fast loading of stents.

  • Stent length: <40mm (Extensible function: for peripheral stent: <280mm)

  • Full digital precision ultrasonic generator: closed loop control strategy provides highly stable operation, with power control accuracy: 0.01W.

  • All stent coating system components are compatible with the typical solvents and polymers used in stent coating. For example: solvents THF, acetone, DMAC, chloroform; polymers: urethanes, polycarbonates, silicones, styrenes

  • Precision gas pressure control.

  • High definition CCD monitor is available for stent monitoring. (optional)


  • Precision gas flow meter.

  • High definition CCD monitor is available for stent monitoring.

  • Peripheral stent coating: <280mm

  • Sonic syringe for suspensions dispersion




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