General Ultrasonic Atomizer Kit

  • Ultrasonic atomizer transducer and ultrasonic atomizing driving circuit are designed separately and installed flexibly, which is more suitable for OEM development

  • High quality ultrasonic atomizer transducer, providing more durable and stable ultrasonic atomization performance

  • Ultrasonic atomizer with many options for frequencies and powers

  • Ultrasonic atomization with small particles, minimum average particle size 1μm

  • Ultrasonic atomizer transducer for optional protective coating against corrosive liquids


Ultrasonic Atomizer Kit

Ultrasonic atomization is a physical process in which the liquid is crushed and torn into small droplets by the energy of ultrasonic oscillation. In principle, ultrasonic atomization can be roughly divided into three types: single piezo type, mesh type and Langevin transducer type. The most common ultrasonic atomization in the market refers to single piezo ultrasonic atomization and microporous mesh atomization. The single piezo type is the most common ultrasonic atomization method. Its principle is the liquid atomization through the piezoelectric ceramic plate vibrating directly in the liquid to produce the sound field. This type of ultrasonic atomization has the advantages of fine atomization particles and long lifetime of ultrasonic atomization transducer. Common applications include ultrasonic atomization humidifier, atomization aromatherapy machine, bonsai atomization, etc. To obtain more professional knowledge about ultrasonic atomization, please visit Technology page in our website:  ‘Ultrasonic Atomization’.

General ultrasonic atomizer kits include Siansonic ultrasonic atomizer transducer (single piezo type) and ultrasonic atomizer driving circuit module, which is convenient for customers to carry out secondary development of various atomization devices. Siansonic's unique piezoelectric ceramic metallization and protective layer technology make its ultrasonic atomizer transducer have higher durability and stability, and can work with various acid-base corrosive liquids and organic solvents. A resonant frequency of up to 3MHz can provide ultra-fine atomized droplets of only 1 micron. As one of the earliest manufacturers of ultrasonic atomizer transducers in China, Siansonic has been selected by hundreds of companies all over the world in the past 40 years. The cumulative sales of ultrasonic atomizing transducers have exceeded 10 million pieces, and are widely used in various industries, such as humidifiers, aromatherapy machines, medical nebulizers, disinfection machines, spray pyrolysis, spray drying, precision spraying, etc.

  • Power Input (DC): 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V

  • Frequency: 1.7MHz, 2.0MHz, 2.4MHz, 2.5MHz,3.0MHz

  • Transducer: Regular, High efficiency

  • Air cooling MUST be applied to the heatsink on PCB. Otherwise, the ultrasonic atomizer circuit will be burnt shortly.

  • ‘VR’ port on the PCB is used for power control by connecting a 5.1kΩ voltage regulator (variable resistor). When ‘VR’ port is in ‘short-circuit’, the power is full. When ‘VR’ port is off, the power is zero. Therefore, ‘VR’ port is normally used for the power switch as well.

  • Please make sure the ultrasonic atomizer transducer has been connected to PCB before switching on the circuit. PCB will be burnt without the transducer connected.

  • The ultrasonic atomizer transducers should NEVER work without liquid in contact with them even though in a very short time (a few seconds). Recommend to provide a protective “low liquid” shut-off circuit.

  • Make sure no voltage difference appears between surface of ultrasonic atomizer transducer and water. We highly recommend the float switch for liquid level control. PLEASE DON’TUSEELECTRODECONTROL FOR “LOW WATER” PROTECTION! OTHERWISE THE TRANSDUCER COATING CAN BE ELECTROLYZED OUT.

  • Ultrasonic atomizer transducers (except the anti-corrosion model) should work in drinking water or similar liquids. If liquids have an acidity of less than pH5, it could make the output performance decay, even permanently destroy the transducer. Therefore, if the liquid is strong acid (PH<5), you should select anti-corrosion model or contact us for technical suggestions.

  • The surface of ultrasonic atomizer transducers should be cleaned at times. It will NOT be considered as the quality problem on transducers, if the atomizing effect of transducers decays due to substances contained in liquid such as Ca, Na, Mg and Si etc. adhering to the transducers surface.

  • Medical nebulizer

  • Humidifier

  • Disinfection machine

  • Cosmetology

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