Mini Ultrasonic Atomizing Kit

  • Very compact design: the size of drive circuit is like a coin

  • High atomization efficiency with HIFU transducer, input power: 3W, 12V DC

  • No clogging problem

  • Tiny droplets (mean diameter 1- 2 µm)

  • Very long lifetime: 10000 hours for transducer's life

  • Workable for both water and other liquid inc. corrosive liquid

mini ultrasonic atomizer kit

Mini ultrasonic atomizing kit is miniatured module for ultrasonic atomizer including ultrasonic atomizing transducer and driver. The size of electronic driver of mini ultrasonic atomizing kit with compacted design is similar as a coin. The frequency of the ultrasonic atomizing transducer is 3MHz which can provide smaller atomized droplets (mean diameter is only about 1-2 microns). Moreover, using high-intensity focused ultrasound technology, the ultrasonic atomizing kit can provide higher energy conversion efficiency, and input power of 12V/3W can drive the atomizer. This ultrasonic atomizing kit is mainly suitable for the applications of small space and small atomization amount, such as portable atomizer, medical inhaler, micro reactant injection, etc.

  • Air cooling should be applied to the heatsink on PCB. Otherwise, the circuit may be burnt after a long time operation. The Cooling air is usually from the fan used for fog blowing in nebulizer.

  • Please make sure the ultrasonic atomizing transducer has been connected to PCB before switching on the circuit. PCB may be burnt without the transducer connected. 

  • The ultrasonic atomizing transducers should NEVER work without liquid in contact with them even though in a very short time (a few seconds).

  • Make sure there is no voltage difference between surface of ultrasonic atomizing transducer and liquid. 

  • Ultrasonic atomizing transducers (except the anti-corrosion model) should work in drinking water or similar liquids. If liquids have an acidity of less than pH5, it could make the output performance decay, even permanently destroy the transducer. Therefore, if the liquid is strong acid (PH<5), you should select anti-corrosion model or contact us for technical suggestions.

  • The surface of ultrasonic atomizing transducers should be cleaned at times. It will NOT be considered as the quality problem on transducers, if the atomizing effect of transducers decays due to substances contained in liquid such as Ca, Na, Mg and Si etc. adhering to the transducers surface.

  • Portable Nebulizer 

  • Medical Inhaler

  • Other applications of small atomization 

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