ConeMist Ultrasonic Nozzle

  • Spray width: 40-150mm

  • Applicable droplets size: 15-60 μm

  • High uniform atomization and the coating uniformity is more than 95%

  • Vortex spray shaping, excellence coating coverage on microstructure

  • Non-clogging ultrasonic nozzle, reducing maintenance cost

  • Very soft spray to reduce splashing and overspray

ultrasonic glass coating ultrasonic nozzle ultrasonic spray coater

The ConeMist ultrasonic nozzle is an ultrasonic atomizing nozzle with a cyclonic cone spray shape. It is based on ultrasonic atomizing nozzle technology and adopts a special vortex air flow channel to distribute the carrier gas into a uniform vortex, so that the liquid mist after ultrasonic atomization is scattered and spurted in the form of a cyclone, as enlarges the spraying area of the ultrasonic nozzle. It is better for spraying onto the surface with micro structures such as MEMs and is able to make the coating layer with better coverage on the surface structure.  

Depending on the advantage of ConeMist ultrasonic nozzle, a typical application of a ConeMist ultrasonic nozzle is photoresist coating on semiconductor wafer or MEMs device. Compared with spin coating, the photoresist layer coated by Siansonic ConeMist ultrasonic nozzle has the advantages of higher uniformity, better coverage on microstructures and capability of thinner coating thickness. In addition, the ConeMist ultrasonic nozzle can also be applied to other applications such as thin film solar cell, perovskite solar cell, AR anti-reflective layer, hydrophobic coating, PCB fluxing, etc. 

Features of Siansonic ConeMist ultrasonic nozzle:

  • Spray width: 40-150mm

  • Uniformity > 95%

  • Vortex spray shape: better for the substrate with microstructure

  • Save raw materials: the utilization rate of raw materials is more than 85%, 4 times that of traditional air spray nozzle

  • Precisely control of coating thickness: typical coating thickness is 20nm to 100μm

  • The maximum flow rate can be more than 80ml/min

  • Small and uniform droplets

  • Capable of intermittent or continuous spray

  • Non-clogging ultrsonic nozzle

  • Anti-corrosion ultrasonic nozzle

  • New energy: fuel cells, electrolysis, thin film solar cells, etc. 

  • Biomedical: functional coatings of microfluidic chips, biosensors

  • Electronics and semiconductors: photoresists, conductive inks, transparent conductive oxides, etc. 

  • Glass coating: AR anti-reflection, hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating, hard protective coating, etc. 

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