Application of Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis System in Catalyst Preparation

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A substance that can change the rate of chemical reaction of reactants in a chemical reaction without changing the chemical equilibrium, and whose quality and chemical properties remain unchanged before and after the reaction, is called a catalyst. Catalysts are widely used in various industrial processes and are used in almost 90% of all industrial processes.

Most of the catalysis in industrial production is multiphase catalysis. The requirement for the preparation of catalyst powder by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis is to get well-dispersed catalyst powder, which can make the catalyst and the reactants in full contact.

Siansonic ultrasonic spray pyrolysis system

Figure 1. Siansonic ultrasonic spray pyrolysis system

Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technology is one of micropowder preparation technology. Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis takes the solution as the precursor, and through ultrasonic atomization technology, it is uniformly atomized into micron or nano-sized micro-mist, and then passed into the high temperature environment for thermal cracking or instantaneous solvent evaporation, so as to obtain micro-fine powders. The ultrasonic spray pyrolysis process not only avoids the drying and prolonged calcination process in the traditional wet chemical method, but also obtains good dispersion performance and controllable particle size due to the absence of subsequent washing and grinding process. Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technology mixes the raw materials in solution and distributes the components uniformly, which is particularly suitable for the preparation of multi-component composite powders.

Siansonic Technology has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of ultrasonic atomization. We have developed an ultrasonic spray pyrolysis system based on ultrasonic atomization technology, which provides a solution for the preparation of fine powders from R&D to production. The ultrasonic spray pyrolysis system is equipped with a highly corrosion resistant ultrasonic micro-atomizer, which is suitable for a variety of acidic and alkaline dispersion systems. At the same time, the ultrasonic spray pyrolysis system is equipped with a fully automated electrostatic nano-collector, which is capable of collecting smaller particles than the traditional bag collection method, and can be used for the collection of micro and nano-sized powders.





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