Application of ultrasonic sonication technology in in-vitro diagnosis area

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In-vitro diagnosis (IVD) refers to products and services that are used outside the human body to obtain clinical diagnostic information by testing human samples (blood, body fluids, tissues, etc.), so as to determine disease or body function. In vitro diagnosis industry is like a tool for medical testing, and 80% of clinical diagnosis information comes from in-vitro diagnosis, which has become increasingly important for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

focused ultrasound

Figure 1.Schematic Diagram of Ultrasonic Sound Field

The biological samples collected in in-vitro diagnosis are generally be pretreated by ultrasonic dispersion, ultrasonic sonication, and ultrasonic lysis etc. For example, when blood samples are mixed or diluent with reagents, they need a rapid mixing process. The 'nucleic acid detection', which is familiar to us, is also based on PCR polymerase chain reaction detection technology. After sampling, we need to peel and break the biological sample. The traditional sonication and crushing technology adopt shaking, rotating, stirring, squeezing but it is slow and the separation and crushing effect is not high. If the sample is processed by ultrasonic sonication, ultrasonic cell lysis and ultrasonic homogenizer, the ultra-high frequency ultrasonic sonication can make higher crushing and more efficient. At the same time, the ultrasonic sonication is highly controllable and more effective.

non-invasive ultrasonic sonication transducer

Figure 2. Siansonic 'Dry Non-contact' ultrasonic sonicator 

Siansonic is a well-known IVD instrument manufacturer at home and abroad. We provide contact and dry non-contact focused ultrasound transducer and other ultrasonic homogenizer products and solutions. Among them, the 'dry non-contact'ultrasonic homogenizer can be used without any coupling agent only by contacting the outer wall of the sample container so that high-frequency ultrasonic energy can be transferred into the sample container for ultrasonic sonication, which effectively avoids the risk of sample contamination. Siansonic owns unique ultrasound acoustic matching technology, which can achieve efficient acoustic cavitation, and conduct efficient ultrasonic sonication, ultrasonic dispersion, ultrasonic homogenization process for blood, saliva, suspended particles, etc.

Siansonic has nearly 40 years of experience in ultrasound technology. The ultrasonic technology is applied in in-vitro diagnosis, which has also begun to take shape. We provide many well-known in-vitro diagnosis enterprises at home and abroad with ultrasonic cell lysis products by ultrasonic sonication technology and solutions. Our customized services include R&D, design, production and inspection of ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic generators, test kits and sample containers for ultrasonic cell lysis used.





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