The Principle and Application of Ultrasonic Sonication Sampling Devices

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When it comes to ultrasonic cell disruption, it is a familiar term that refers to the use of the mechanical and cavitation effects of ultrasound to disperse liquids. Ultrasonic cell disruption is widely used in various laboratories and in vitro diagnostic fields.

An ultrasonic cell disruption sampling device is simply a sampling device with ultrasonic dispersion capabilities. It is mainly used in the field of in vitro diagnostics to extract and transport biological samples while also performing tasks such as ultrasonic cell lysis, ultrasonic sonication, ultrasonic homogenizer and ultrasonic cell disruption.

ultrasonic cell disruption

Figure 1. The ultrasonic cell disruption sampling device is dispersing the liquid

In the field of in vitro diagnostics, the use of ultrasound for pre-processing of samples, such as mixing and fragmentation, has been widely applied. Due to the unique mechanical and cavitation effects of ultrasound, it is more efficient and has stronger fragmentation capabilities compared to traditional mechanical methods in sample processing. Additionally, its self-regulating function makes it a more effective processing method. An ultrasonic cell disruption sampling device uses a Langevin-style ultrasonic transducer to drive a specially designed amplitude rod sampling needle at the front end. When the sampling needle comes into contact with the sample liquid, the high-frequency ultrasound emitted will generate mechanical oscillation and cavitation in the liquid, resulting in ultrasonic cell lysis, ultrasonic sonication, ultrasonic homogenizer and ultrasonic cell disruption of sample solutions such as solutions, emulsions, and suspensions. At the same time, the sampling needle can be connected to a delivery tube, which can extract and transport the sample to existing diagnostic instruments after ultrasonic sonication and ultrasonic cell disruption, thus further saving on labor and time costs.

ultrasonic sonication sampling devices

Figure 2.The ultrasonic sonication sampling device of Siansonic

Siansonic Technology possesses high-quality ultrasonic transducer and amplitude rod design and manufacturing technology, providing excellent product performance for ultrasonic sonication sampling devices, and providing customers with stable and efficient ultrasonic sample sonication, ultrasonic cell lysis, ultrasonic cell disruptio and ultrasonic dispersion processing. Additionally, the sampling device is equipped with interfaces that can be connected to standard delivery tubes (in the diagnostic field), making it easy and convenient to integrate into the customer's existing diagnostic instruments. When combined with the ultrasonic transducer's microchannel sampling needle, it can be adapted to process micro-scale and small-dose samples.





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