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The ultrasonic and piezoelectric technology is widely applied to various medical devices. For example, stents, drug balloons catheters and other interventional medical devices, in vitro diagnostic equipment such as genetic and blood tests, microfluidic chips and biosensors, HIFU focused transducer, infusion pump dialysis machine, etc.

Ultrasonic Stent Coating, Coronary Stent Coating, Peripheral Stents Coating

Drug Eluting Stents

Siansonic has rich experience in surface coating of implantable and interventional medical devices. The ultrasonic spray coating system provides a comprehensive turn-key solution for the drug-coatings of drug-eluting stents coatings such as coronary stents, brain stents, peripheral stents.

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Ultrasonic Dispersion System, Ultrasonic Syringe,Nanoparticle Dispersion

In Vitro Diagnostics

Siansonic has rich experience in sample dispersion, mixing, breaking and other sonic treatment technologies and ultrasonic spray coating technology. A large number of solutions have been provided for the sample treatment of in vitro diagnostic instruments and coating preparation for biosensors and microfluidic chips.

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Balloon Catheter Coating System, Medical Device Coating, Implantable Medical Device Coating

Drug Coated Balloon Catheters

Siansonic has abundant experience in the surface coating of implantable and interventional medical devices. The drug balloon catheter spray coating system based on ultrasonic spray coating technology provides comprehensive turn-key solution for drug coating of drug balloon catheters including coronary balloon and peripheral balloon.

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Blood Collection Tubes Coating,Blood Tubes Coating,Syringe Barrel Coating

Blood Collection Tube & Syringe

Ultrasonic spray coating technology can produce uniform and dense nano-scale and sub-micron thin films under normal temperature and pressure, and the utilization rate of raw materials can reach over 85%. Siansonic’s ultrasonic spray coating technology can perform micro-spraying in a short time, and can evenly spray the inner wall of the tube. It is especially applicable to drug coating and thin film spray coating of the tubes inner wall, such as vacuum blood collection tube and syringe.

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HIFU Transducer, Focused Ultrasound Transducer, JR Piezo,Focused Piezo

HIFU Transducer

Siansonic (JR piezo) provides a variety of high-performance piezoelectric ceramics and ultrasonic transducers for high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU Transducer) biomedical devices which are applied in fields such as cancer treatment, neuromodulation, fat burning and facelift. HIFU transducers include array focusing, single crystal wafer focusing, etc. with frequencies ranging from 100 kHz to 10 MHz.

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Infusion Pump Bubble Detector, Dialysis machine bubble detector, Ultrasonic Bubble detector

Infusion and Dialysis

The unique non-contact ultrasonic bubble detection sensor of Siansonic is widely used in the infusion bubble detection during medical liquid delivery, such as infusion pumps, dialysis machines, in vitro diagnostic instruments. It can be adapted to different infusion tubes and specifications.

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Medical Sensor Coatings, Sensor layer Coatings, Medical device Coating


Based on ultrasonic spray coating technology, ultrasonic spray coating system provides preparation of multiple functional thin film with high-precision and high-uniformity. For example, high-molecular polymers, dyes, hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings for biosensors and microfluidic chips.

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Ultrasonic disinfection,ultrasonic atomizing disinfection,ultrasonic atomizing sterilizer

Disinfection & Sterilization

Siansonic owns various of advanced solutions on ultrasonic disinfection application, particularly for air disinfection, surface disinfection and water treatment.

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