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Widemist ultrasonic spray nozzle is an ultrasonic atomizing nozzle which is able to coat a large area. Ultrasonic nozzles employ the special design of air flow channel to distribute and deliver the carrier gas into a fan-shaped mist which is atomized by ultrasonic oscillation. And the spray width of the ultrasonic nozzle is consequently increased. Due to the large spray width of Widemist ultrasonic nozzle, it is mainly suitable for various of coating applications on medium and large-area substrates. Widemist series of ultrasonic nozzles combined with Focusmist series of ultrasonic nozzles can generally deal with almost all typical ultrasonic coating applications.

One of the typical applications is catalyst coated membrane (CCM) production for fuel cell. The ultrasonic nozzles atomize the catalyst (such as a platinum carbon catalyst) suspensions and spray onto a proton exchange membrane to form a uniform catalyst coating. Another important advantage of the Widemist ultrasonic spray nozzles is that they can achieve a larger spray width by employing multiple of ultrasonic nozzles. In theory, any spray width can be achieved by increasing the number of nozzles. For example, an array of 30 units Widemist ultrasonic nozzles can obtain a spray width up to 3-4 meters. The ultrasonic nozzle bridge composed of multiple of Widemist ultrasonic atomizing nozzles can be applied to many large-area coating applications such as float glass coatings, non-woven fabrics and textile spray coating, metal or plastic sheets coatings, etc. For example, anti-reflective coatings, thermal insulation coatings, hydrophobic coatings, etc.


  • Large width spray, spray width: 40-150mm

  • Uniform coating: uniformity > 95%

  • Saving raw materials: raw material utilization rate is over 85%, 4 times that of traditional air spray nozzle.

  • High control accuracy of coating thickness : 20 nm to tens of micron coatings can be precisely sprayed.

  • Available for intermittent or continuous spray

  • Non clogging

  • Anti-corrosion nozzle




  • Electronics: Sensors, PCB Fluxing, Display, Semiconductors etc.

  • Industrial: Glass, Fabrics, etc.  

  • Medical: Medical Textile, Diagnostic Device etc.

  • Energy: Fuel Cell, Solar Cell, etc.

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