Cover Type Megasonic Cleaner

  • Close to the object to be cleaned, with higher cleaning efficiency

  • Significantly reduce the use of cleaning fluid

  • High cleaning precision, can remove particles in 0.2 micron

  • Ultra-low acoustic cavitation effect, no damage to device surface

  • Quartz or sapphire coupling technology, no risk of impurities falling off

  • High corrosion resistance, resistant to various acid and alkali solutions and organic solvents

cover type megasonic unit megasonic cleaner

Megasonic cleaning uses higher frequency ultrasonic energy in mega hertz scale to boost removal of submicron particles from substrates and chemical reactions. Compared to low frequency ultrasonic cavitations, megasonic cavitations effect can give smaller particles removal as well as less damage on the substrates.

Batch type megasonic cleaner uses large megasonic transducer which can emit sound field with large area, then it can provide high cleaning efficiency. However, the distribution of sound field in the tank is not uniform. The intensity where is further way from the megasonic transducer is usually lower. And the transfer efficiency of sound power is low. Shower type megasonic cleaner can directly focus the megasonic energy onto the substrate surface, consequently the sound field can distribute uniformly on the substrate surface by moving the substrate and megasonic cleaner nozzle. However, the flow rate of cleaning fluid required by shower type megasonic cleaner is quite high. Therefore it wastes cleaning fluid too much.  

Cover type megasonic cleaner is an optimized meagsonic cleaning technology which has the advantages of both batch type and shower type megasonic cleaner and removes the drawbacks of both types. It can directly transfer the megasonic energy with large area onto the substrate surface, has quite high uniformity of sound field as well as the transfer efficiency. Furthermore, cover type megasonic cleaner gives very high utilization of cleaning fluid.      

The benefits of Siansonic cover type megasonic cleaner:

  • Directly cover on the surface of the object to be cleaned with a small gap, providing higher energy conversion efficiency

  • Greatly reduce the use of cleaning fluid

  • Extremely low ultrasonic cavitation effect, no damage to device surface

  • No secondary pollution of cleaning fluid

  • Ultra-high cleaning precision, which can remove 0.2 micron particles on the object surface

  • Made of non-metallic high anti-corrosion materials, suitable for various acid-base and organic solvents

  • Quartz or sapphire matching layer technology, no risk of impurities falling off the device

  • Unique transducer bonding technology provides higher stability and durability

  • Megasonic generator using the third-generation semiconductor technology, fully realizing digital high-frequency and high-power drive

  • Applicable wafer sizes: 4 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches

  • Megasonic plate material: quartz, sapphire

  • Switchable zones: for example, 8 inches / 12 inches can be switched

  • Wafer cleaning

  • Mask Cleaning

  • CMP (chemical mechanical polishing)

  • Development

  • Etching

  • Photoresist stripping

  • Lift-off

  • Lens cleaning

  • Precision cleaning of display screen and other microelectronic industries

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