High-yield Ultrasonic Peripheral Stent Coating & Balloon Catheter Coating System

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In recent years, drug stents and drug balloons have been developed due to the acute postoperative occlusion and postoperative restenosis in interventional techniques. Which effectively reduce the incidence of acute postoperative occlusion and restenosis by coating the surface of the stent or balloon with drugs that inhibit the growth of scar tissue. The drug-coating method has also become a challenge for scientists. There are various drug-coating processes, and drug-loading is the key to the success of the process. Among them, electrochemical coating method has put forward clear requirements for the material of the scaffold, which must be a conductor or semiconductor material. Due to its complex process and difficult mass production, it is not commonly used. Compared with the common dip-coating process, it has lower requirement for drug-loading amount, and it is difficult to control the uniformity of the coating. The advantages of the ultrasonic spray coating process will be more obvious compared to the coating thickness as well as uniformity.

balloon catheter ultrasonic nozzle array

Figure 1. Ultrasonic Balloon Catheter Coating System with Mutiple nozzles 

The drug-loading with ultrasonic spray coating technology can be used to spray a layer of complex stent that can completely cover the stent, without orange peel and adhesion to the complex stent, and can also precisely control the drug-loading amount. Siansonic Technology has independently developed and designed ultrasonic balloon catheter coating system UC510-3 and peripheral stent drug spray coating machine, which is mainly used for batch drug coating of peripheral stent and balloon catheter. The special fixture design can quickly load the complete balloon catheter and stent. It could hold the balloon catheter and stent with a maximum length of 280mm, which is applicable to the drug-coating of balloon and stent with various specifications. The UC510-3 ultrasonic drug balloon catheter coating system is equipped with three ultrasonic nozzles and a balloon stent fixture system, which enables simultaneous drug-coating of multiple balloon stents, and meets the large demand for drug eluting stents. In addition, in order to meet different liquid formulations and customer needs, the UC510-3 is also equipped with pre-heating and humidity functions, which further regulates and controls the deposition process of drug-coatings.

peripheral stent coating

Figure 2.Peripheral Stent Coating System

With more than 30 years in ultrasonic technology, Siansonic Technology is committed to shaping the future with ultrasonic technology and contributing its strength in the biomedical industry. We provide professional ultrasonic balloon catheter coating system for the preparation of implantable and interventional medical devices, which is applicable to various drug-coating needs. Siansonic Technology also provides customized balloon catheter coating system and solutions according to the customer's production and process requirements.






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