Ultrasonic Coating System with Conveyor

  • Conveyor for automatic transfer of substrates

  • Optional multi-nozzles array for high production rate

  • Coating uniformity is higher than 95%

  • Non-clogging ultrasonic nozzle technology reduces maintenance cost and down-time

  • Continuous liquid delivery system with optional sonication function 

  • XYZ three-axis servo motion system and motion controller to optimize spray patterns

ultrasonic coating system with conveyor ultrasonic spray nozzle array ultrasonic spray

Ultrasonic coating system with conveyor is an industrial ultrasonic coating system equipped with a conveyor for automatic substrates transportation. It typically uses WideMist, FocusMist or ConeMist ultrasonic spray nozzles, and also can be equipped with multiple spray nozzles in parallel. The ultrasonic coating system with conveyor is also equipped with continuous metering pump system to provide continuous liquid feeding for 24 hours. It is especially suitable for high-volume production and large-area coating process. The heating platform can also be an option for heating up the substrate during coating process.

Ultrasonic spray coating which is a thin film layer deposition technique based on ultrasonic atomizing nozzle technology can deposit highly homogenous and controllable coating. Furthermore, since the atomization of ultrasonic coating is due to ultrasonic oscillation rather than the gas with high kinetic energy, ultrasonic coating significantly reduces the consumption of raw materials due to little overspray and splashing. The transfer efficiency of raw materials of ultrasonic coating is as high as 4 times of air spray coating.

Siansonic ultrasonic coating system with conveyor is used for various of applications on thin film coatings deposition such as catalyst coated membrane (CCM) for fuel cell, functional layers for thin-film solar cell, functional layers for biosensors and microfluidic chips, photoresist coatings for silicon wafers, anti-reflection (AR) coatings, hydrophilic coatings, hydrophobic coatings, thermal insulation coatings, transparent conductive coatings, etc.

Features of Siansonic ultrasonic coating system with conveyor:

  • Ultrasonic coating system with a conveyor for automatic transfer of substrates

  • Capable of multiple nozzles array for improving the production rate

  • Various options of Siansonic ultrasonic spray nozzles

  • Digital ultrasonic generator: multi high-speed DSPs process, multi-closed-loop control with power precision in 0.01W.

  • Continuous liquid delivery system: capable of continuous liquid feeding for 24 hours

  • Uniformity: >95%

  • Thickness of coating: 20nm-100 micron (Depends on material) 

  • High transfer efficiency of coating material, usage ratio can be higher than 85%.

  • XYZ servo motion system

  • Equipped with high-performance motion controller, compared with traditional PLC, motion pattern of nozzle is optimized, and the utilization rate of raw materials is further improved.

  • Max liquid viscosity: 20-30cps

  • Max solid particle size in suspensions: 10-20micron 

  • Full-color touch screen and friendly user interface.

  • Precision air pressure control: keep carrier gas stable and adjustable

  • Ultrasonic dispersion system is optional for stirring of suspensions 

  • Exhaust system included

  • ConeMist, WideMist, FocusMist, NanoMist, LineMist, Penetrator and other series of Siansonic ultrasonic nozzles.

  • Multi-nozzles array

  • Ultrasonic dispersion syringe: dispersing and stirring the suspension during liquid feeding to avoid agglomeration.

  • Heating plate for heating up substrates

  • New energy: fuel cells, electrolysis, thin film solar cells, etc. 

  • Biomedical: functional coatings of microfluidic chips, biosensors

  • Electronics and semiconductors: photoresists, conductive inks, transparent conductive oxides, etc. 

  • Glass coating: AR anti-reflection, hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating, hard protective coating, etc. 

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