Technical Principles and Applications of the Focumist Ultrasonic Atomizer Nozzle

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The ultrasonic atomization spray coating, with its advantages of precision, controllability, repeatability, and environmental friendliness, has widely replaced traditional spraying methods in industrial and R&D applications. The core component of ultrasonic atomization spray coating is the ultrasonic atomizer nozzle. Designed for diverse applications, the ultrasonic atomizer nozzle are categorized by their spray width. 

The focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle, also known as the focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle, utilizes a special contracting flow path design. This design concentrates and distributes the carrier gas, focusing the spray into a narrow area, making it particularly suitable for smaller-scale spraying processes. 

ultrasonic spray nozzle array

Figure 1. The mutiple focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle 

The focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle can achieve focused spraying as narrow as 1mm, making it highly suitable for small-area applications. Compared to the widemist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle, the focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle's design offers a more concentrated spray area. This allows for precise application of liquids to targeted areas, achieving high-precision spraying effects ideal for scenarios requiring meticulous attention to spray accuracy and detail. Furthermore, the focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle's ability to precisely control the spray area and volume significantly saves on paint and solvent use, thereby reducing production costs.

The primary applications of the focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

1. Manufacturing of medical devices in the biomedicine industry

Due to its precise spray control, the focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle is especially suited for the fine spraying and manufacturing of medical devices. This includes applications such as the spraying of drug-eluting stents and balloon surfaces, hydrophilic and hydrophobic sprayings on microfluidic chips, and the spraying of reagent boxes for analytical kits.

2. Electronics Industry

The focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle facilitates precise spraying on electronic components. With its high-precision spraying technology, focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle achieves uniform sprayings on the surfaces of electronic parts, thereby enhancing their electrical performance and reliability.

3. Energy and Nanomaterials

The focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle is also employed in catalyst coating systems for fuel cells and conductive nano-spraying systems for sensor manufacturing, within the energy and nanomaterials sectors.

In conclusion, the focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle is particularly suited for medium to small area applications that require high precision and attention to detail. Applications of the focumist ultrasonic atomizer nozzle span multiple industries, including biomedicine, electronics, and energy and nanomaterials, promising broad application prospects.





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