Glass Ultrasonic Spray Coating: A Novel Technique for Glass Coating Applications

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Glass ultrasonic spray coating involves the application of functional thin films onto glass surfaces to achieve multiple objectives, such as reducing heat exchange between indoor and outdoor environments, preventing energy loss from within, minimizing the ingress of ultraviolet and infrared rays, enhancing aesthetics, increasing transparency while reducing reflectivity, improving surface hardness and corrosion resistance, and boosting the hydrophilic properties of the glass. Establishing a uniform and continuous thin film on glass surfaces has emerged as a critical challenge in glass manufacturing that needs to be addressed. 

ultrasonic spray coating for glass

Figure 1. The glass coating process by ultrasonic spray nozzle

Glass ultrasonic spray coating technology is a process that uses ultrasonic atomization as its core, coupled with tiny pressure to guide the spray. Due to the effective control of particle size by ultrasonic atomization, and the fact that the ultrasonic spray nozzle exerts no pressure on the liquid, high-precision flow control can be achieved. Therefore, glass ultrasonic spray coating technology is considered an effective thin film coating preparation technology. For the preparation of various functional thin films on glass surfaces, such as anti-fouling self-cleaning coatings, anti-scratch protective coatings, thermal insulation films, AR anti-reflective and high-transmittance thin films, hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, transparent conductive thin films, etc., ultrasonic spray coating has advantages over traditional air spray, such as high-precision film thickness control, high uniformity, less splashing, and low raw material utilization rate. Compared with coating processes such as vacuum evaporation and CVD, ultrasonic spray coating has a high-cost performance, especially for large-area coating, which significantly reduces costs. Therefore, ultrasonic spray coating is seen as a new process for large-scale glass coating.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the field of ultrasonic technology and 15 years of experience in glass ultrasonic spray coating, Siansonic Technology can provide corresponding glass ultrasonic spray coating solutions for various forms and specifications of glass surfaces, including float glass, photovoltaic glass, and display glass. We also provide complete glass ultrasonic spray coating system, including ultrasonic spray nozzle, ultrasonic controllers, supply pumps, carrier gas controls, etc., for glass ultrasonic spray coating equipment companies or existing glass coating production lines. These units can be directly embedded into existing production lines or customized for secondary development.





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