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Ultrasonic Dispersion Liquid Delivery

Nano particle dispersion means various nano-suspensions can be efficiently dispersed and transported by embedding the high-frequency ultrasonic transducer into a micro-container such as a sample injector/syringe to uniformly disperse the nano-scale and sub-micron particles and transport liquid. The sedimentation and agglomeration can be avoided in the transport and spray coating of suspension. The nanoparticle dispersion system can be installed in a variety of syringe pumps, and is often used as an auxiliary accessory unit in the precision spray coating system.

At the same time, Siansonic have rich experience in nano particle dispersion, ultrasonic dispersion, ultrasonic  mixing, ultrasonic crushing and ultrasonic sonication of liquid samples, providing ultrasonic acoustic processing devices and solutions for many international well-known in vitro diagnosis companies, including ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic generators, kits, and all-round customized services such as research & development, design, production and detection of sample containers. With Siansonic's unique acoustic matching layer technology, the high-performance non-contact acoustic cavitation processing can be achieved, and samples such as blood, saliva, and suspended particles can be efficiently mixed, dispersed, and crushed by ultrasonic dispersion system. Typical applications of ultrasonic dispersion, mixing and sonication include: blood mixing, cell disruption, dispersion of fuel cell catalyst suspension, dispersion of carbon nanotube suspension and dispersion of graphene suspension, etc.





  • Fuel cell catalyst solutions

  • Nanosuspensions

  • Slurries with particle sizes up to 25 microns

  • Carbon inks and carbon nanotubes

  • Ceramic slurries

  • Liquid samples process for medical diagnosis devices

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