Mass Production of The Fuel Cell Electrode Membrane Spray Coating System UC360L-4

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Known as the fourth generation of power-generation technology, fuel cell is regarded as the most promising efficient and clean power- generation technology in the 21st century with its outstanding benefits of zero pollution, high efficiency, wide application, continuous output and strong modularity. It is exactly due to this that fuel cells have important applications in electric vehicles, aerospace, military and other fields. World-widely, hydrogen energy and fuel cells have been basically commercialized in some refinement areas, putting forward requirements for the production preparation of membrane electrodes. The fuel cell catalyst coating prepared by ultrasonic spraying has high uniformity and high density. For fuel cell catalyst coating, ultrasonic atomization technology can effectively prevent catalyst agglomeration during the coating process, having a certain influence on expanding the specific surface area of the catalyst. Thus ultrasonic spray coating technology plays a key part in the preparation of fuel cell membrane electrodes.  

mutiple ultrasonic nozzle

Figure 1. The Ultrasonic Spray Coating System UC360L-4 from Siansonic Technology

UC360L-4 is a high-performance industrial-grade precision ultrasonic spraying coating system, Siansonic Technology have more than 30 years of industry experience in the field of applied ultrasonic technology. With the application of unique ultrasonic spray coating technology, the system has collected ultrasonic, carrier gas, liquid supply, heating plate, vacuum heating adsorption, exhaust gas emissions and other multi-system control in one. The system is for fuel cell catalyst coating electrode-production preparation as well as putting forward a professional solution.

The imported servo motor control has been applied to the ultrasonic spray coating system. High-precision three-axis motion system, equipment with four groups of wide spray type ultrasonic nozzles, an average atomization particle size of 10μm ~ 40μm, each group of ultrasonic nozzle unit equipped with the corresponding controller and dispersion liquid supply system has been adopted as well. The UC360L-4 achieves a fuel cell catalyst coating  speed of approximately 0.8 square meters per hour. In addition, the system can also be equipped with two areas of automatic ins and outs of the vacuum heating plate, which is convenient for loading and unloading the proton exchange film during the production process, in order to save the preparation time. Among them, the design of the vacuum heat system helps to ensure the fixation and stretching of the proton exchange membrane, avoiding the swelling phenomenon during the spray coating process.

 ultrasonic nozzle array

Figure 2. Muti-Nozzles of Ultrasonic Spray Coating System for Fuel Cell Catalyst Coating from Siansonic Technology

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